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Want to make the best of your property? These tips will help the buyer use more than just their eyes when viewing your property!

1. Get the coffee pot on! Who doesn't like the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Let the aroma circulate around the kitchen, helping to get another one of our five senses activated!

2. Let the earthly power of a real fire, warm the hearts of the potential buyer! If your property has a working 'real' fire, in winter stoke it up ready to entice prospective buyers in from the cold.

3. Which is one of the first features the potential buyer will focus on? The front door! While they are waiting for you to answer the door they will be looking around the immediate surrounding area. A newly painted front door is a great place to start. Tidying up the pathway or even front gate can help first impressions.

4. Make sure gardens are as appealing as the inside of the house. Does it appear a tranquil and relaxing space? Touching up the paint on a window frame, or weeding a few flower beds can make a big difference. Try not to give the potential buyer any reason to want to re-negotiate your price!

5. Stain patches can be off-putting to the inexperienced buyer. Give any patchy areas a lick of paint to freshen the property up. Again, simply give a good first impression.

6. Natural light and clean air can give a house a whole new feel about the place. So open those curtains and dust off that feather duster to reach the places that may suddenly appear in need of a clean!

7. If your house is still on the dark side ensure that all light bulbs are working. They can make a big difference to how your property can appear.

8. Scented candles or plug in air fresheners can help liven up a place that may not have been lived in for awhile.

9. You may be an avid fan of pets, but please remember not everyone is the same. Either keep cats and dogs out of the way, or introduce them if the buyer so wishes. Bear in mind, that animals can smell stronger to those who don't live with any, so keep a plug in air freshener to hand or open your windows if the buyer seems in a rush!

10. We all have spam through our doors, and before we know it, there are advertisement leaflets and magazines dropped here and there. Try to keep things tidy. 'A tidy house is a tidy mind' seems to be true from a survey carried out in Feb 2011. People were found to be less stressed if their house was organised and uncluttered. (Source: The Independent Thurs 29th Nov 2012). Give your house the orderly feel!

11. It is important for a buyer to feel at ease and relaxed whilst viewing. They want to feel 'at home'. For this reason make it easy for them to sit down if they so wish, giving them further time to contemplate making a offer.

12. For those vacant properties, it can be a good idea to leave a couple of pieces of furniture in them to give the potential buyer a good visual clue to what it would feel like with people living in it.

13. Ensure that you have plenty of time for your house to sell itself! Some buyers will take a few minutes walking around, while others will like to take their time. Sit back and show yourself relaxed in your property, giving the buyers all the time they need to complete their viewing.